Music Monday: It's A Shore Thing

Grad school is kicking my ass. Job hunting is not fun super discouraging. No time to blog.

No worries though.

The Brier is on!

If you're a curling fan, you know this song, as it seems to get resurrected every few years or so. But did you know you could download the whole thing on mp3? Now you can listen to it whenever you want!!

If that download link doesn't work, visit the Brier's main page and download it from the Audio & Video tab.

Speaking of curling songs, I'll put together a music monday curling song post before the end of the season, so please leave me some suggestions!!


  1. Not necessarily curling songs, but curling music videos:

  2. Hmm, curling songs vs curling videos, hadn't thought about the difference. Thanks for the link!


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