Music Monday: Corb Lund Concert

Another year, another Corb Lund show.

First up to open the show was Ridley Bent.

Come on, you know you love my blurry photos.

Meh. He was ok. I have seen him at folk fest before, and I find him just 'ho hum'. He is a clever song writer, and excels at the whole hip-hop-country thing (but the rest doesn't stand out). The only song that I really got into was 'Suicidewinder', otherwise it was just a waiting game.

I fell in love with Corb Lund's music while I lived in the UK. If I was homesick, I would listen to his CDs, and I would cry. If I wasn't homesick, and I listened to his CDs, I would cry too. I love his music because it's so very Albertan - he includes tons of references to my favourite province, and really captures the spirit of rural Alberta. I love it.

Oddly enough, this is one of the songs that always made me cry. (NSFW)

I've seen Corb Lund a bunch of times before...

In the UK, 2006 - also saw him open for Blue Rodeo a few months later.

In the UK, 2007 - a few days after they played Glastonbury, and there was still mud all over their gear.

Rexall, 2008 - the night they filmed the live DVD.

Technically I saw him in 2009 too - in a bar watching The Swiftys. He's really tall.

...and every time he puts on a fabulous show.

The songs chosen were great, the guitars rockin' and the crowd totally into it. I always worry that I'll bother those around me when I sing in theatre style venues, but I didn't need to worry because everyone was singing.

Gotta love the jersey (clearly I was able to get much closer in the UK, the Jub is great, but you've gotta love smaller venues)

During the encore (he came out in an Oilers jersey - which he always does - which I love) he sang his new Oilers song. Then he took off his jersey, put on a Canada hat/scarf/mitts and sang Stompin' Tom's Hockey song. Considering the Canadian women's hockey team had just won the gold at the Olympics that day, it was quite fitting.

Our poor Oilers need more die-hard fans like Corb.

Thus another enjoyable Corb Lund show. Even though I didn't like his latest CD (Losing Lately Gambler) as much as the older ones, I'll still always go to his concerts. Because they're awesome.

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  1. I've never actually taken the time to hear what Ridley Bent sounds like, but I know an artist I quite like, Kate Reid, loves him. So much, in fact, that she wrote a song about him. Check this out:


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