More Curling on TV: Women's Worlds

After the Olympics, I went into withdrawal. Following two weeks of inspirational sporting moments with crappy school and work - well it was inevitable.

And this week I'm in Brier withdrawal. It was such a great week filled with great curling capped off with a super great final - naturally I'm going to miss it.

But guess what? There's more curling on starting this weekend!!

It's the Women's World Curling Championship, located this year in Swift Current, Saskatchewan (yay for no time zone issues!). It runs from Saturday March 20 to Sunday March 28.

I'm not a super huge women's curling fan, but I've gotten so accustomed to just having a curling game on the tv that I'm really looking forward to it this year (plus, no time zone issues!).

The list of teams is here. Canada will be represented by team Jennifer Jones, who recently missed out on qualifying for a recent curling tour event playoff spot because they lost to a junior team. No kidding, the article is here. They'd better get it together and go for the gold though. Some of the other teams you'll recognize from the Olympics, but some teams (like Olympic gold medalists team Norberg from Sweden) will not be playing.

All games are on TSN, so check out their broadcast schedule. On 3-draw days (Sunday-Thursday) games are on at 8:30am/1:30pm/7:00pm Mountain Time. The final will be at 3:00pm on Sunday, March 28. Don't forget, if you miss a game they'll put it in the video-on-demand archive shortly after the broadcast is finished (yay TSN!).

That oughta alleviate my curling withdrawal symptoms!