The Local TV/Cable Debate vs A Paralympic Hero

The 'Local TV vs Cable Company' issue is back in the news (check out my older post - Local Tv vs Cable Companies Again for some background and older links other blog posts I've written about it).

Recently, the CRTC decided it will allow TV networks to negotiate fees for local signals with cable companies. Hopefully this means local tv and cable can work out a fair price. Likely it will mean a tv tax, blackouts and more profit for cable companies.

See the following news briefs for more:
Edmonton Journal: CRTC supports 'market-based' approach
CTV Edmonton: CRTC says TV networks can negotiate

The staff at CTV Edmonton have recently started a blog called Inner Tube. I thought today's post was brilliant. The news director, Glen Kubish, intertwined two stories: one about the recent CRTC decision, the other about Dave Mitchell (a sports guy)'s quest to meet local Paralympic hero Viviane Forest at the airport. Head over to Inner Tube and read the whole post titled #yeg.

His final comment was:
"I confess I don't understand all the intricacies of the different arguments over value for signal and all the other terms that orbit around the debate. For me, local television news is simply going to the airport and staying at the airport for a local Canadian hero."
I agree wholeheartedly. Well done CTV Edmonton. I love my local tv news team, and I hope to watch them for many years to come. Thanks for all your hard work CTV, I assure you it doesn't go unappreciated.