Earth Hour Photos

I warned you in my Earth Hour post last week that this Saturday was Earth Hour, when everyone is supposed to turn off all their lights for an hour to raise awareness for environmental causes etc.

Personally, I sat home in the dark pottering on my computer (using the battery only of course - what else was I supposed to do, sit home alone in the dark and just...sit?). I figured this would be more environmentally friendly than driving my car somewhere or having tv on in the dark or whatever.

Well, the Edmonton Journal reported that Edmonton dropped its elecrticity consumption by 3%, which was actually down from last year, but still better than Calgary's 0.5% effort. I really like this quote from the WWF Canada Communication rep, Josh Laughren:
"What we've always said from Day 1 is measuring the power drop is beside the point. It isn't about saving energy during that hour; it's about an expression of support for the issue of climate change. It seems to me, in terms of participation in Earth Hour, people are as concerned or more concerned as any year in the past."
Check out The Big Picture website, which has a great collection of before and after shots of major cities. I personally think most of the cities look better without all the light pollution, but then, what do I know.