Dear Blogger,

Your new Blogger-in-Draft template designer customization program is very cool. Finally Blogger blogs can compete with Wordpress in terms of prettiness. Well done on finally providing this service to your users. I was thinking about leaving Blogger and migrating to Wordpress, but I'll stay with Blogger now. I promise when I have a minute I will pimp up my blog to the max.

However, I don't like that once I converted to the new template, all my old posts now have missing paragraph breaks. Now a lot of my old posts run on as a big block of text instead of having white space in between (I suppose my hard returns which used to get converted to div breaks were all changed to br breaks). Boo to this. Now on the rare chance that someone actually wants to read an old post, it will look stupid and hard to read. Can this be fixed? How?

Anyways, thanks again for the new template designer. I guess it's a case of 'no pain no gain'.

the curling librarian