Curling Music Part 2: Hard Core Bonspiel

This week's curling music video is a tribute to Jennifer Jones - who along with Dawn Askin, Jill Officer and Cathy Overton-Clapham just won the bronze at the World Women's Curling Championship.

Unfortunately, there is no embed for this film, but check out the video from the Athletes in Motion page, and watch all the other short videos which include Canadian athletes and awesome music. They're all really fun.

Producer: John Kerr and Srinivas Krishna
Director: John Kerr
Athlete: Jennifer Jones (skip)
Writer: Douglas Coupland
Music: Gord Downie ("We're Hardcore")
Winnipeg athlete Jennifer Jones's curling daydreams become disco reality in this short from Calgary director John Kerr.


  1. Hey the blog changes look great! I love the ice background. I'm considering getting back into curling and a lot of it has to do with reading your blog. I really enjoy reading it. :) Laura

  2. Thanks for the blog compliments! Glad to hear you're enjoying the curling posts - and yes, it's a great sport, so I hope you take it up again! I can't wait for next season already, and we just finished a week ago!


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