Curling Music Part 1: The Weakerthans

Time to kick off a Music Monday series that may or may not last until the end of the curling-on-tv-season depending on how many songs I can find...

'Tournament of Hearts' by The Weakerthans is, in my opinion, the best-curling-song-ever, and a most excellent way to start a Monday:

Today's post is very timely: The Weakerthans are releasing their new CD/DVD combo tomorrow. So here's the song again, in all it's live-in-concert glory:

And since you're ordering their new CD/DVD combo, you ought to order one of these nifty t-shirts too:

The Weakerthans official website
The Weakerthans myspace page

(Awhile ago I wrote about how I needed a theme song. Well, now you know my secret. Right off, no never ever never ever...)


Here's another great video of John K. Samson of The Weakerthans singing the song to promote the new CD. And FYI, he's never talked to the curling community about what they think of the song...