Brier Time Again!!

Guess what time it is?

It's Brier time!!!

Get ready for some awesome curling, March 6-14!

The Mens Canadian Curling Championship is probably the best curling event you'll ever see. I know we just had the Olympics, but the calibre of curling in Canada is so high that it's likely the curling you'll see at the Brier will be better than the curling at the Olympics, gold medal aside of course.

Team Martin wont be there, so it'll be...interesting to see who takes over. Here are the teams:

Alberta: Koe 
British Columbia: Richard
Manitoba: Stoughton
New Brunswick: Grattan
Newfoundland & Labrador: Gushue
Northern Ontario: Jacobs
Northwest Territories/Yukon: Koe
Nova Scotia: Fitzner-Leblanc
Ontario: Howard
Prince Edward Island: MacDonald
Quebec: Reid
Saskatchewan: McKee

There are some new names (to me anyways), some old names, and some favourite names. And yes, there are two Koes - it'll be so exciting to watch a brothers matchup, just like last year's Battle of the Howards. (That one's the Thursday March 11 morning draw - don't miss it!)

Here's the schedule, though TSN hasn't stated on the website yet which games will be broadcast. I'm betting they're covering Koe/Koe and Howard/Stoughton though. There will be 3 draws a day (9:30am/2pm/6:30pm ET), and those not covered by TSN will be covered by my favourite online company, It's also interesting that the final is so late (7pm in Halifax) as if I remember correctly, the finals are usually played in the afternoon.

Since I'm 2hrs behind - thank goodness for PVRs!

But don't worry if you miss a draw, they'll all be in TSN's Video-On-Demand Archive shortly after the game is finished.

My picks? Well if you're a regular reader you know that team Koe is one of my favourites (*sigh*), but I'm also a Howard fan, and have come to appreciate Stoughton over the years. So I'm picking Howard to win, but Koe and Stoughton to be close behind. Can't forget about Gushue though (looking for redemption after missing the Olympic trials perhaps?).

Gosh, it's gonna be a gooder!!