Brier Time Again!! Part II

It's Brier time!! I'm so excited!

I think I'm extra excited this year. Here's why:

1. I'm going through Olympic withdrawal. I need to watch some sort of sporting event to make up for it.

2. Team Martin isn't there this year. Just to set the record straight: I am a big Team Martin fan, but it'll be exciting to watch a non Martin/Howard final for once. It'll be interesting to see who steps up to the challenge.

3. Team Koe is there this year. They're one of my favourite teams, and as they're likely splitting up after this season, I'm excited to see them make a run for the Brier title.

4. Realistically, Team Howard has another shot at the win and thus a trip to the Worlds. I like their team too, and would like to see Glenn and co. get another shot at greatness.

5. I'm had a bad week, perhaps the worst week of my grad school career. I need to sit back and watch some curling. Ah bliss.

Alright, let's get started. Bring on a week of fan-freakin-tastic curling!!

(Part 1, including my picks and a link to the schedule is here.)


  1. Any idea why the Koe team is breaking up? Wonder if that is still the case now that they have won.

  2. Apparently MacDonald was leaving to spend more time with his young family. It'll be interesting to see what happens now that they've won the Brier! Should also be interesting to see what happens to the teams after this season. Could be a lot of swapping/quitting/excitement!


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