Brier Final Wrap Up

Oh wow. Did you watch the Brier final?? What a game!

It was so tense. My pulse was racing the whole time.

The problem was I honestly didn't know who to cheer for - Howard and Koe are my top two favourite teams! On one hand I wanted to see Howard redeemed after the Olympic trials loss, but on the other hand this might've been Koe's only shot at the title with Martin returning next year as it's so hard to get out of Alberta.

And boy, that was some game, right down to the last stone in an extra end, and the Koe boys came out on top! They were so excited when they won, it was the cutest thing ever - not lying I almost cried. Check out the photos of their post-win celebration at the official Brier Gallery.

Photo via TSN - check out the Brier Final Highlights video, and their 1-1 with Koe post-game (I reckon he almost cried when Brian Mudryk mentioned they get to wear the maple leaf on their back.)

Aw. I'm so proud of my team. They've finally got a shot at the Worlds, and regardless of whether they split up after this season - they'll always be Brier champs.

Too bad TSN isn't show too many games from the Worlds: they are in Italy after all so we'll only get to see the semi and the final. I can't wait to cheer them on though! Go for the gold Team Canada!!!


  1. I was disappointed as I wanted Howard to win but their celebration really showed their passion.

    I'm actually interested in what happens with the Martin Team as the TSN guys have been saying Martin built the team for Olympic gold. Now that they have it, will they have the same passion and stay together? Hope they will as they are fun to watch and are virtually unbeatable (unless your name is Murdoch and it's not Olympics)

  2. Rumour is the Martin team is staying together for 2 more years at least. I reckon they'll make a run for Sochi. Who knows about the rest of them?!


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