Weekend #Curling Wrap Up

Well, how do you like that?

Jennifer Jones comes from behind to win the Scotties...

...and Team Koe is going to the Brier!!

Ok, ladies first. The Scotties was a bit...less than consistent this year, but entertaining nonetheless. I figured it would be a McCarville/Jones final, but O'Rouke and the PEI crew snuck in there. Sure everyone likes an underdog, but I'll admit I was cheering for Jones because PEI would've been eaten alive at the Worlds in Swift Current. And like usual, Team Jones played less than stellar, but came from behind with the win. Hopefully they can better last year's fourth place finish at the Worlds, on home turf nonetheless.

(Photo: The Canadian Press, nicked from TSN)

On to the Alberta Men's Provincials. I was mad I didn't get to see the final. Apparently Team Koe played really really well and pulled out a win - they're going to their first Brier! I am very excited for them, because well, they're one of my favourite teams, and they deserve it! It's very fitting timing considering the media is reporting they're splitting up next year (likely Blake is quitting, maybe Kevin, I'm trying not to believe the rumours though, that's called 'denial'). Congrats team Koe!

(Photo borrowed from the 2010 Boston Pizza Cup event page)

I am so excited for them. They deserve it.

The Brier will be interesting this year - Koe (AB), Howard (ON), Gushue (NL) have qualified so far along with Richards (BC), Fitzner-Leblanc (NS), Gratton (NB), and MacDonald (PEI). More provincials will be played next week. Likely we'll see Stoughton (MB) added to that list, maybe Jamie Koe (YUK/NWT) too. It's going to be tough to pick a winner

How awesome would it be if Jamie Koe and Kevin Koe (brothers) got to play in the Brier together?!

I've got to get the week off school/work...