Olympics Censor And Go Green

Here's a couple Olympic links for you, via Twitter tweets...

Apparently athletes are only allowed to blog/tweet/facebook/post pictures of personal moments - nothing about the actual event, and nothing about nonsponsors. Except no one appears to understand the policy. And what a shame really, I'd love to be able to hear what it's really all about. None of the athletes on my twitter list tweet very much anyways. It's quite a harsh policy though. What happened to freedom of speech and expression? This is Canada, not China.

Winter Olympics Have Too Much Green And Some Snow
Right, so shocker there's not enough snow in Vancouver. Shoulda held the games in Northern Alberta. Apparently the medals are made of recycled circuit boards of old computers. That's cool.

(photo via engadget)


  1. Lets watch these Olympics on TV and enjoy the winter games


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