The Olympics Are Over...

Sigh. I'll admit, I'm super sad it's all over.
From the opening to the closing ceremonies, from skiing to skating to sliding to curling to hockey, I think I watched it all. My television hasn't budged from CTV/TSN/Sportsnet for the past two weeks. I'm not even sure I remember what numbers the other channels are.
There was certainly something special about these Olympics, due to their location in my home and native land. Everyone on the street, in the malls, at work, at school, and online via twitter were all focused on the same thing - enjoying the games.
I've got friends who don't watch the Olympics. They don't get it, don't understand it, think it's stupid, whatever (sometimes I think this is how they feel about me too, but that's a rant for another day). I think they are missing out.

(Did you miss out? Catch up via and their youtube channel.)
It's about shared experience. It's about emotion, elation as well as disappointment. It's about achievement. It's about family. It's about national pride. It's about singing the national anthem at the top of your lungs and cheering until you lose you voice for gold.
I'm not sure how to describe what this week has meant to me. I am thankful I got to be a part of it, experience it with friends and strangers alike. I am thankful for all the chatter over twitter (including tweets and pics from all the athletes and people who were in Vancouver experiencing it live), as it certainly made the whole experience much more fun.

I am thankful for the athletes who shared their stories and abilities and joy. I teared up more than once watching those 'I Believe' montages CTV put together. The emotion on their faces was priceless.
I am proud to be a Canadian.
And I hope this feeling of Canadian pride continues for a long long time...

(Don't forget, the Paralympic Winter Games start March 12!!)