Olympic Widgets = Fail

So the chatter on twitter alerted me to the official Vancouver 2010 widget page.

You can embed a medal count on your website:

Ok, that's kinda neat, but what I wanted to embed on my blog was the curling results/schedule:

But guess what? The code is screwed up and even though it says curling, what really gets displayed is the cross country skiing results.

Sigh. That makes me sad. It would've been such a cool addition to my blog.

This is the second time the Olympic media has failed me. I signed up with CTVOlympics.ca to get text updates of the curling scores - but they went to my email instead. And I didn't get updated on all the scores, just random ones.

Well, it was a good try, but...

Check out Al Cameron's latest post: Rules? We don't need no stinkin' rules for more curling fails from the Olympics (including some twitter trouble for @chrisplys - who has been a delight to follow throughout these Olympic games - please don't ban him from twittering!!).

Interesting, if not controversial stuff coming out of Vancouver!