Olympic #Curling TV Schedule

The Winter Olympics start today!!! I'm so excited!!

Here's your Olympic-Curling-On-TV Schedule (all times Mountain). I haven't included the channels I don't get on my cable subscription, or the French channels, except where APTN is airing French games, because I didn't know they had coverage in French, so maybe it's a typo?

Tuesday Feb. 16
10am: Men - Can vs Nor (CTV)
10am: Men - Can vs Nor (APTN-French)
3:30pm: Women - Can vs Swi (TSN)
8pm: Men - Can vs Ger (TSN)
8pm: Men - US vs Nor (APTN)

Wednesday Feb. 17
10am: Women - Can vs. Jap (Sportsnet)
10am: Women - Swi vs Swe (APTN)
3pm: Men - US vs Swi (Sportsnet)
8pm: Women - GB vs Swe (TSN)
8pm: Women - China vs Swi (APTN-French)

Thursday Feb. 18
10am: Men - Can vs Swe (CTV)
10am: Men - Den vs US (APTN)
10am: Men - GB vs Swi (Sportsnet)
3pm: Women - Can vs Ger (TSN)
8pm: Men - Can vs Fra (Sportsnet)

Friday Feb. 19
10am: Women - China vs Den (Sportsnet)
10am: Women - ? vs ? (APTN)
3pm: Men - Can vs Den (TSN)
3pm: Men - Can vs Den (APTN-French)
8pm: Women - Den vs Can (Sportsnet)

Saturday Feb. 20
10am: Men - Nor vs Den (Sportsnet)
10am: Men - Swe vs US (APTN)
3pm: Women - US vs GB (TSN)
3pm: Women - ? vs ? (APTN-French)
8pm: Men - Can vs GB (Sportsnet)

Sunday Feb. 21
10am: Women - Can vs US (CTV)
10am: Women - ? vs ? (APTN)
3pm: Men - Can vs Swi (APTN-French)
3:30pm: Men - Can vs Swi (TSN)
8pm: Women - Can vs China (TSN)

Monday Feb. 22
10am: Men - Can vs US (CTV)
10am: Men - ? vs ? (APTN)
3pm: Women - Can vs Swe (Sportsnet)
3:30pm: Women - GB vs Den (TSN)
8:30pm: Men - ? vs ? (APTN-French)
9pm: Men - Ger vs GB (TSN)

Tuesday Feb. 23
10am: Women - US vs China (TSN)
10am: Women - Can vs GB (Sportsnet)
10am: Women - Can vs GB (APTN)
3pm: Men - Can vs China (TSN)
3pm: Men - Can vs China (APTN)
3:30pm: Men - GB vs Nor (Sportsnet)
8pm: Women - Can vs Rus (Sportsnet)

Wednesday Feb. 24
10am: Tiebreakers (APTN)

Thursday Feb. 25
10am: Women - Semi (CTV)
10am: Women - Semi (Sportsnet)
10am: Women - Semi (APTN-French)
3pm: Men - Semi (TSN)
3pm: Men - Semi (Sportsnet)

Friday Feb. 26
10am: Women - Bronze (Sportsnet)
4pm: Women - Gold (TSN)

Saturday Feb. 27
10am: Men - Bronze (TSN)
4pm: Men - Gold (NONE???)
4pm: Men - Gold (APTN - "presented in Aboriginal Language")
4pm: Men - Gold (ctvolympics.ca)


Wait...let me check again...


Who's freakin' stupid idea was that?

It'll be on the main coverage that swaps sports periodically (also listed are skiing, snowboarding, speed skating, figure skating, hockey and on and on...), but why the freakin' heck wouldn't they dedicate prime tv time to the Mens gold medal game?? That's the most important game!!

Maybe I missed it. Maybe it's a mistake. Maybe it'll change.

I sure hope so. It's a darn shame, that's what it is...

(I just thought of something, you could watch the game on APTN or the French channel on mute, and listen to the commentary online...)


  1. The Olympic curling schedule you put together were tremendously helpful!! In addition to saving us a lot of work, you informed us about TV channels other than CTV that were having Olympic (not just curling)coverage. That enriched out enjoyment of the games. Thank you!


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