Olympic #Curling Starts Today!

Curling starts today!

While I've thoroughly enjoyed watching all the Olympic action thus far (especially Alex Bilodeau's gold medal performance and subsequent heart warming interviews) - I'm ready for some curling action.
Twitter has been fun to follow so far, both the curlers and the curling media have been posting pictures, so I sort of feel like it's started already.

The hot curling story seems to be the Norwegian pants (watch this video too). I'm all for white or pink belts, but I think those pants might prove to be a bit distracting! Reminds me of how team Koe got 'told' to stop wearing their nifty grey plaid pants and vintage red sweaters. Apparently those same officials aren't in charge of the Olympics.

My picks for the medals? Gold/Silver/Bronze:

Mens: Canada/Great Britain/Norway
Womens: China/Canada/Sweden

Keep in mind I haven't picked a winner all year!

Let's get this party started!!

My Olympic curling tv schedule is here.


  1. Thanks very much for the TV schedule for the Olympic curling! It will really come in handy, and it saved a lot of work checking among the various channels.


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