Olympic #Curling Crowd

After one day of Olympic curling - the Canadian teams are unbeaten. There have been some unbelievable shots, and it's been fun to watch.

The crowd in the venue however, hasn't impressed me like the shot making has.

Yes, it's super loud, louder than I've ever heard. Yes, the atmosphere is electric. Yes there are some pretty nifty curling cheers and cowbells.

But it's not a curling crowd. They are not knowledgeable about what's going on. Basically, they'll cheer for anything.

Including opposition misses.

Come on people, that's just not respectful. This isn't hockey. You're supposed to cheer for good shots on both sides. You're not supposed to cheer misses (a simple group "Oh!" will do). You're not supposed to get tanked off expensive venue beer and then make a loud nuisance of yourself. You're supposed to be quiet when the curlers are getting ready to throw. And you most certainly are not supposed to take flash photos as the curler is throwing.

This was bound to happen with the way the ticket lotto worked. I do think it's great people who have never seen curling live are getting the chance to appreciate the support. I do think it's great that the Canadian crowd is cheering on our teams.

But please, please, show some respect and stop cheering for misses!