Music Monday: Mumford and Sons

How about a non-Olympic post for Music Monday?

Sometime last fall, I came across an awesome English folk band via one of the music blogs I follow.  They released a CD in the UK in September, and I've been waiting since then for a North American release.

Which happened last week.

I bought it. And it's awesome.

Let me introduce you to Mumford and Sons...

Fan-freakin-tastic. I love 'em - they're British folk at its best. The banjo is awesome. The CD rocks. "Little Lion Man" is my current favourite song.

They're getting a bit of buzz on the blogosphere - likely because they were just on David Letterman (another version here via The Audio Perv, or here with weird subtitles via Letterman's Youtube page).

Their performance on Letterman was good, and his bits with them quite funny, but the clean chorus doesn't have quite the same impact as the NSFW album version.

You should definitely buy their CD. Fingers crossed for a Canadian tour sometime soon.

You can find the band at:
Mumford and Sons official (something going on with their site, it's up then it's down, might be better to just Google them)
Mumford and Sons myspace

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