#Curling Shake-Up On The Horizon

This headline greeted me early this AM as I read the Edmonton Journal:

Koe quartet likely to split up: Family concern; Olympic qualifying pressure take toll.


They're my favourtie team (this side of Ontario).

Ug. I vaguely remember hearing that a bunch of teams might split up after this year (on The Curling Show, a Ben Hebert interview I think) - but was in denial.

Rumours have been swirling about team Ferbey packing it in, and maybe Kevin Martin if he gets Olympic gold, but Koe? They're a young team, a good team, a team that I always thought would one day be kings of Canadian curling.

Ok, I know these guys have lives, but to me, they exist on my tv, and I'm a sucker for routine. Suffice to say, I'm disappointed and a bit sad.

I wonder how it'll all work out? Maybe some awesome new teams will form? Maybe some talent will disappear and be wasted? Maybe I'll have to find a new curling crush?

Well, there's always online video-on-demand archives. At least I'll have all summer to prepare for the end of an era...

(my photos, from the Roar of the Rings)