Curling (Not) on TV: Alberta Men's Provincials

I really, really, really wanted to go to this year's Alberta Men's Provincial Curling Championship in Olds (only like 4 hours away). I went in 2008 and 2009, thoroughly enjoyed myself, and was looking extra forward to attending this year. Check out my reasoning why, and a couple blurry pictures from past events here.

Alas, grad school (and it's accompanying stress/burnout/poverty) will keep me at home. Next year it'll be in High River (I think) and that's too far to go so I'm very sad it was so close, yet so far.

Anyways, the 2010 Alberta Men's Boston Pizza Cup has a spiffy website where you can follow all the action. There's no gallery though (blah).

I'm rooting for Koe for the win (shocker).

I'm also trying something new this year. I've been a 'Free Friday' member of for awhile now. Mostly that means I forget I'm a Free Friday member and never watch any games, but I do faithfully watch and read their curling news reports (the host of 'the news from the ice' actually curls in my league). Though the site is sometimes buggy, I've always been impressed by their technical support (as per my thank you letter last year). In that letter I did say I would buy a subscription if they covered this year's men's provincials.

So I did.

For $9.95 I theoretically should get access to all the games they tape, as well as access to the rest of the videos in the Games Vault for the month of February.

I say theoretically because they are having 'technical difficulty' and haven't posted videos of today's games. Perhaps they were shown live as promised, but I was working and couldn't watch. Perhaps they'll show up in the games vault later.

Perhaps perhaps perhaps.

All I'm saying is I had a super terrible day that started way too early in the am after a fitful nights sleep which then included a less than useful 3hrs of class, a long shift at work and an almost mental breakdown in public. All I wanted to do was come home and watch the Koe vs. White game.

Unfortunately the 'technical difficulties' did not help my state of almost mental breakdown. Luckly I could still access the Games Vault, so here I am, watching a Koe vs. Gushue game from some event in 2008, consoling myself with a pizza pop and a toblerone bar. I need a holiday.

We shall see if CurlTV. com get their 'technical' act together or not. We shall see who ends up in the final on Sunday (which will also be shown on Shaw, but I have Bell so boo to that too).

Regardless, if you follow this blog you know I quite enjoy watching vintage curling games in the corner of my computer screen, so that in itself will probably be worth me signing up for a full subscription in the future (like $60 a season?).

So the Alberta Men's Provincial's will be in Camrose in 2012, maybe I'll make it out there then. Until then I shall follow along and watch whatever I can get on I'll let you know how it goes next week.

Sorry for the rambly post, but I must go now and finish watching the Koe/Gushue game. Gushue is leading 3-2 in 7th...