Curling CA$H

I've developed a bit of a reputation.

Pretty much everyone at library school knows. And most of the people I work with regularly do too.

But my reputation has reached a new audience. A librarian I've known for a couple years, but who I see or talk with only on occasion, worked me recently and was very excited to give me a present. She said she saw it and thought of me. How sweet! Here it is:

No kidding! That's a curling themed scratch ticket!! 
Though I'm normally against gambling and buying lottery tickets, I scratched it and won $1! It's the usual "find three matching pictures" game, and the pictures to choose from included a broom, shoe, glove, rock and curlr (yes, that's how they spelled it). I bought another one with my winnings, but didn't win anything on it. But I was so close! That was pretty good fun for gift.
Actually, I just remembered that when the gift-giving librarian was my professor, I gave a speech about curling to the class for a toastmasters thingy. And that was a few years ago. So I guess my reputation really is fitting: I've been working on it for awhile.
The curling librarian - it has a nice ring to it. And there are worse reputations to have. I don't plan on giving up my little obsession anytime soon, so the curling librarian I shall be...