Best #Curling Idea Ever: HACK Radio

One of my favourite things: watching curling live while listening to the commentary on the radio. That's how I enjoyed the Roar of the Rings. That's how I plan to enjoy curling events in the future.

Well, they've taken it one step further at the Vancouver Olympics...

Introducing HACK Radio!

You can listen to the commentary (by Luke Coley, Don Westphal and the Lord of the Rings herself - Jackie-Rae Greening), and even text in questions to be answered on air.

All for the low low price of $20! That's totally worth it. I'd buy it.

In fact, the precedent will be set at Vancouver, and it will work so well (unlike the the opening ceremonies torch cauldron pillar thingy) that they will offer HACK radio at all future curling events.

Just because I said so.

(Via @coleysnotes, I think? It came from a curling tweeter anyways. Photo stolen from VANOC.)