Winter Olympic Fun!

How cute is this?!
Check out Podium Pals, a fun site brought to you by the Canadian Olympic Committee.
You know you've always wanted to be a bobble head! And I know I've always wanted to 'go' to the winter Olympics!
First you pick your sport, from over a dozen choices...
Then you upload your photo and crop out your face... And voila, I get to curl for Canada!
There is more VANOC 2010 fun and games at the mascots site (not just for kids!), that includes games (eco-curling-eqsue game is here), e-cards, printable colouring sheets, desktop wallpapers, and Miga/Quatchi/Sumi 3D papercrafts. Also check out the school site for school-age activities. There's even a library! And don't forget Paint The Town Red and the official Vancouver Olympic site also have information about the games.
If you come across any other fun Olympic sites, please leave me a comment below.
The countdown is on: 40 days until the Olympics start!


  1. What a fun website! It is like Canadian Jib Jab. I will have fun sticking family and friends heads on their sports faves. Thank you.


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