vitaminwater Goes Curling

First, let me say that I'm against:
a) bottled water.
b) 'fancy' water with 'vitamins' in it.
c) paying money for water
d) paying money for bottled water with 'fancy' 'vitamins' in it.
Regardless, when I saw the latest Olympic branded vitaminwater, I knew I had to buy one just so I could take it home to take a picture of it to put on my blog.
Here's the deal. vitaminwater must be some sort of Olympic sponsor - I noticed the Olympic rings logo right away. Then I started reading all the blurbs on the different flavours - they're all about particular sports. I don't even like vitaminwater, but the only flavour I'll drink in a pinch is the kiwi-strawberry one. Imagine my surprise when I read it's Olympic blurb:
"try focus. it has vitamin a and lutein to help you feel as engaged and accurate as a member of canada's curling team, skillfully directing polished granite stones down 'the sheet.' just please, don't take that as an excuse to try pushing everything you see at imaginary targets. people like their garbage cans, ten-speeds, and grandmothers exactly where they left them. in the garage."
I was meant to buy this bottle of vitaminwater.
Plus it was on sale.