Time for 2010's Curling Skins Game

There's more curling on TV this weekend.
It's time for the annual Casino Rama Skins Game on TSN.
Last year they shook things up by adding Jennifer Jones (shock horror, a woman playing with the big boys), but this year they've brought in David Murdoch and his lovely accent. Skins is a bit different, but interesting to watch nonetheless - if only to see who gets the massive payout of $100,000 (Ferbey got it last year, Martin in '07).
  1. Ferbey v. Howard, Saturday - 1pm ET
  2. Martin v. Murdoch, Saturday - 8pm ET
  3. Final: Sunday - 1pm ET
If you've been following my favourite picks, you would have been right if you guessed I'm going with Howard. All four are coming off big loses at last week's Grand Slam - so it'll be interesting for sure.
You should also check out TSN's Off The Record for January 14 - Howard, Ferbey, Morris and Murdoch sat down with Michael Landsberg and chatted about all sorts of stuff. Some highlights for me:
  • Ferbey, honest as always, called Martin selfish. On tv. Seriously. Shocking!
  • Morris did really well, proving he's a curling superstar. (Martin wasn't there, likely because he was involved with the Olympic torch visit to yesterday's Oilers game)
  • Murdoch's accent was lovely. I think maybe he felt a bit out of place during the discussions about the Brier and hockey, but I thought he was a nice addition to the guest list.
  • Howard was funny, especially during the Next Question segment.
  • Landsberg said to Morris something like "I hope you get gold in Vancouver" and then said to Murdoch "And I hope you get silver" and that was just...funny and true.
Also of note, Nedohin has hurt his back and wont be at the Skins event. Who is replacing him? Middaugh! It'll be interesting to watch how team dynamics workout. And I wonder: Ferbey said Nedohin is out "indefinitely" - how will that affect the upcoming Alberta Men's Provincials (which I refuse to call the Boston Pizza Cup because it's a meaningless event name - I love BP's though - go pizza bread!). I've been saying that if someone can guarantee me a Koe-Ferbey final I'll head down to Olds for the day to watch. If Nedohin isn't there...well a day trip is tempting.
I, unfortunately, will be too busy with school work, work work, less-than-pleasant social commitments and moving into a new house (again) to watch anything live on the big screen in HD this weekend. Thankfully TSN usually provides video-on-demand archives. That'll keep me busy Sunday night as I read textbooks...


  1. So why did Ferbey call Martin selfish? I missed this show.

  2. Check out the Curling News for a recap:


    You can also watch it on TSN's website (if you're in Canada I guess) via the links on the Curling News' recap post.


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