Olympics Warnings and Paranoia

More Olympic news.
US Warns That Terrorists May Strike 2010 Olympics
Some quotes:
"The U.S. government is advising American sports fans travelling to Vancouver for the 2010 Winter Olympics to watch out for al-Qaeda and other extremists, especially on transit and in restaurants, churches and other areas outside official venues."
"No specific credible threats have been identified, the U.S. government said. However, Americans planning to attend Olympic events or participate in large-scale public gatherings during the Winter Games should use caution and be alert to their surroundings, the advisory said."
"Earlier this week, Public Safety Minister Peter Van Loan told reporters the federal government has obtained "two or three" new intelligence tips concerning serious threats since a failed Dec. 25 attack on a flight to Detroit."
"Constable Mandy Edwards of the Vancouver 2010 Integrated Security Unit said Olympic security forces are ready to face whatever incidents occur during the Winter Games. "We have planned and exercised for events that are plausible and possible," she said yesterday."
"In addition to terrorism, the U.S. advisory also urges fans to watch out for domestic protest groups, while expressing full confidence in Canadian authorities to manage the events."
""While the Canadian security services are highly skilled at protecting large events and controlling demonstrations, even peaceful events can turn violent, and Americans are therefore advised to avoid any areas of public protest," the fans have been told. "
I don't even want to comment. The US seems to be quite concerned about it's citizens, not for any other citizens, such as those of the host country, but really, what else is new. And really, did they need to publish an article about this? We're all thinking it anyways. It's worth remembering that I used to live in London, England - and I was there for the 7/7 bombings. England has gone through many flavours of bombings, and they have a certain attitude towards all of this, as do I.
We are a product of the times. What will happen will happen. There's no need to be paranoid and terrified because that means they've won. It's the Olympics - the winners should be all the athletes and fans and volunteers and organizers and residents. Let's pray that's the way it all works out.