Music Monday: iPod Add-ons

I have a 1st Generation iPod Touch. It came free with my macbook in 2008. It not as flashy as the newer generation, which came out shortly after (of course). I didn't like it for the longest time. I never had wireless internet access, so couldn't take advantage of that functionality. And it wasn't very easy to change songs while I was driving (as opposed to the iPod mini I used to have which was just an eyes-on-the-road-reach-click motion).
That's all changed now that I've pimped out my iPod.
First, I finally bit the bullet and upgraded the software on my touch. I still can't take photos or use a microphone or whatever the 2nd generations do, but I can now download apps. I still don't have much access to wireless internet, so am mostly confined to apps that don't need online access, but I have found a few good ones.
Besides the card games Spider Solitaire, Tri-Peaks and Hearts, I've downloaded two music apps:
  • Tap Tap Revenge 2 - Yep, I like this one, it's like Guitar Hero (which I love) and the (free) music selection is pretty good. You only have to play/download the music you want to play and while there's not a lot to choose from, there's enough (good, aka rock) music to keep me busy, plus a free track comes out once a week or so. It's a keeper.
  • Tap Tap Revenge 3 - Like TTR2, but with tons of online interactivity, which I will never ever use. Also, while you can do quickplay, to get new songs you mostly have to level-up. And the song selection is crappy. I don't want to have to go through electronic/dance/pop garbage just to level up and get new music. I don't like it, and I'm deleting it.
If you've got any recommendations for apps (music or otherwise), please leave me a comment!
I also bought an iPod radio remote off ebay.
This purchased was inspired by my heavenly experience of sitting in the arena and watching live curling at the Roar of the Rings at the same time as listening to the TSN commentary on the clock radio I had stuffed in my jacket pocket. The clock radio would pick up French opera on CBC radio intermittently which was super annoying. I figured, at some point, I might have the chance to visit curling heaven again, and if that happens I want something digital and smaller. I also listen to the radio a fair bit in my car, and don't always have my computer turned on or hooked up to the internet yet would still like to hear certain radio shows while at home.
Apparently, Apple used to make a radio receiver, but it's nowhere to be found now. This 3rd party device will play FM radio, or can be used to change songs/volume of the music library on my touch. It's digital, so can tune into the right station very clearly. And I've always hated the volume control on the touch, so the clicker on the remote will be handy. Too bad it doesn't pick up AM radio, that means no play-by-play at Oilers games. It's pretty small, so will be convenient to carry. It seems fairly sturdy, though the case doesn't quite align perfectly and may one day snap open, but I reckon that can be fixed with a little tape or a sticker.
Besides, if it doesn't work forever, it only cost $10.
And maybe by then I'll have found a sugar-daddy who will by me a fancy new nano. Or better yet - an iPhone...