Music Monday: The Grumpy Librarian's Guide to Concert-Going

1. Show up on time.
DO NOT make me get up out of my seat, thereby interrupting my musical enjoyment, to let you in because you couldn't be bothered to be on time.
2. Wait until a song break.
Ok. Maybe you got stuck in traffic or couldn't get into the parkade or the train was late or you had to feed your kids dinner or you have a bladder the size of a peanut. Whatever. Wait until the song is over, and then make me get up out of my seat.
3. Use your manners
If you have to employ rules #1-2, please say "sorry" and "thank you".
4. Show up for the opening act.
Musicians work hard and deserve your attention. Sometimes the opening act is just as good, if not better than the main act. Discover something new. Afterall, you paid for it.
5. Shut up
I paid to hear the music, not you yapping with your friends about your yummy-mummy-baby-children-daycare-birthday-party-husband-crap. Chat in the lobby, over dinner, anywhere else but beside/in front of/behind me.
6. Bring quiet snacks
Ok, so you're hungry or have a sore throat or whatever. No crinkling packaging please, and if you absolutely have to open a wrapper, follow rule #2.
7. Parent your children
Letting your kids kick the back of my chair constantly is not good parenting. It's called 'discipline'.
8. Smile and enjoy yourself
You're not at the dentist getting a root canal. If you don't like the music then leave and let the rest of us enjoy ourselves.
If you insist on breaking multiple rules, expect a) the evil eye (I used to be a teacher, I'm good at that) or b) an admonishment along the lines of "SHUT UP!"
It's about respect.