Music Monday: Blue Rodeo & Cuff The Duke Concert

And so a new year of concerts (and grainy/blurry concert photo posting) begins.

Last Friday, I saw Blue Rodeo at the Jubilee. I've seen a lot of Blue Rodeo shows, but just can't help myself, and always seem to find an excuse to go again.

The opening act was Cuff The Duke, and I really enjoyed them. I'd never really heard much from them before, but found it very refreshing to listen to a band I hadn't seen before. They're like a 'baby' Blue Rodeo - young guys with a great guitar driven alt-country sound. My only complaint was the skinny jeans, but despite that I am considering buying their CD.

Next up, Blue Rodeo, who were fantastic as usual. The lead singer from Cuff The Duke sang backup for them a lot, and they brought out a violin and cello every so often. Other than that it was classic Blue Rodeo: long marathons of guitar or keyboard solos, great vocals, with a healthy dose of drums and pedal steel.
"5 Day In May" and "Hasn't Hit Me Yet" (with the crowd on lead and Greg on backup) were greatest hit highlights, but the majority of the set list consisted of new songs from the new double album "The Things We Left Behind", which I love.
And a Blue Rodeo concert is not a Blue Rodeo concert until they sing "Lost Together", which is my most favourite.
Let's not forget - I am a *huge* Jim Cuddy fan, and he was on top guitar-dancing form that night. It was a most excellent view, even from the second balcony.
I decided two things after this concert:
  1. 1. Blue Rodeo really is my favourite band. I've got a lot of favourite bands, but Blue Rodeo is the one band to rule them all.
  2. 2. I think "Lost Together" has leaped into top sport on my wedding song list. Not like I'll be getting married (ever), but it is certainly one of my favourite songs (ever). I've always thought this was odd because it's a Greg song and I love Jim songs more, but the lyrics are wonderful.
Undoubtably, Blue Rodeo will go through Etown again, either at the Jub or at Folk Fest - and as always, I will be there!

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  1. "Lost Together" was the song that played right after Shea and I said our vows for our Mexican beach wedding.

    We had all our guests gather with us and the officiant for a glass of champagne as this song played right after signing the papers.

    Unfortunately, the hotel we were at didn't have a great sound system and it was a windy day so I think I'm the only one who realised the song was playing. But strangely, that makes the song even more special to me.


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