I Want One!!

Ordinarily I'm an anti-consumerism/materialism sort of person.
But I want one...
It's so pretty!! I already have a macbook case that a) wasn't cheap and b) I'm pretty happy with.
But BookBook is so pretty!!
It's only $79.99 (US). Shipping is free (US only, I assume).
Who thinks of this stuff??
Seriously though, it's pretty big and I hate fish (unless they're for dinner) so I would never buy it, but that's still a pretty cool fish tank.
It's only $199 (US) plus shipping ($25-$135 US depending on where you are). And then you have to buy the fish. And feed them etc.
More pictures and other models here and here.
Oh that BookBook is so tempting. Please someone talk me out of spending $100 on another macbook case...