Grand Slam #Curling: The National on TV

I'm excited.
No, not because today is the first day of my last term of grad school (ok, so I am excited it's my last term, but would much rather still be on Christmas holidays. It's going to be a super busy term.)
I am excited today because curling is back on tv.
Well, not just tv, mostly the internet...
The National is on from Jan 6-10.
Teams competing include: Howard, Martin, Murdoch, Ferbey, Koe, Matchett, Burtnyk, Middaugh, Stoughton, McEwen, Jacobs, Gushue, Gunnlaugson, Ursel, Shuster, Appelman, and Simmons. The draw schedule is here. will show one match-up from each round robin draw, and CBC will show the Quarterfinals and Final (Semifinal is on CBC Bold, but who really subscribes to that??)
Schedule (all times ET)
Wednesday Jan. 6
7:50pm - Draw 1
Thursday Jan. 7
9:50am - Draw 2
1:20pm - Draw 3
4:50pm - Draw 4
8:20pm - Draw 5
Friday Jan. 8
9:50am - Draw 6
1:20pm - Draw 7
4:50pm - Draw 8
8:20pm - Draw 9A and 9B
Saturday Jan. 9
2:50pm - Quarterfinal
5:50pm - Semifinal
Sunday Jan. 10
12:50pm - Final
CBC Bold (Cable TV)
Friday Jan. 8
8:30pm - Draw 9B
Saturday Jan. 9
7:00pm - Semifinal
Saturday Jan. 9
3:00pm - Quarterfinal
Sunday Jan. 10
1:00pm - Final
I still am in Roar of the Rings withdrawal, so I'm looking forward to it immensely.
My top 4 teams are Howard, Koe, Martin, Murdoch - so I'd be pleased if any one of those teams win the event.
I'm assuming the games will be archived online so that I can watch them after school/work. Plus, this Saturday is a very exciting day for this curling librarian (more later). It's going to be a good week (minus the school starting bit).


  1. bold is on a free preview this month... so the Guelph and Winnipeg Slam bold games are available!

  2. Oh, thanks for the info TCN, I'll have to tune into Bold this weekend!

  3. And as far as I can figure out right now, CBC Sports isn't archiving the games online, so you have to watch it live or not at all. Boo!!

  4. Double boo - Achieves and VOD are the only way we can get the games in the US. Whats with the geo-blocking anyway? Could someone livestream or ustream the games for me:)

  5. It's possible they'll archive VOD games after the event. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.


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