Grand Slam #Curling: Canadian Open

So, how'd you like that Scottish takeover of the Skins game last weekend? Admit it, you liked the accents and the tight shirts and the fact it wasn't another Martin/Ferbey or Martin/Howard final. No? Oh, maybe it's just me then.
I thought Martin was going to trounce Murdoch, but Murdoch stole the whole show - he played great! I'm thinking it's gonna be hard for Canada to get that gold at the Olympics. (Did you know Murdoch has beat Martin four times in a row? It'll be a nail-biter in Vancouver!)
It sure was entertaining to watch Ferbey/Middaugh though, eh!
That being said, I hope Canada never creates curling dream teams for the Olympics or Worlds or whatever. It's fun to watch switch-ups once in awhile, but I prefer regular team dynamics. I'm a sucker for routine I guess.
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There's tons of curling on TV/online this weekend too. Similar to the Grand Slam event The National, it's time for the BDO Canadian Open.
Teams competing are: Koe, Howard, Ferbey, Middaugh, Stoughton, Matchett, McEwan, Gunnlaugson, Martin, Schille, Appelman, Menard, Simmons, Ursel, Burtnyk, Gushue, and Ulsrud (Go Norway Go!).
It's on CBC TV and And if it's anything like the last Grand Slam, no, CBC will not be archiving video-on-demand tapes of the games (boo!). Here's the schedule (draws broadcast might change - all times Mountain):
Weds Jan 20 - McEwan/Stoughton - 6:20pm
Thurs Jan 21 - Koe/Ferbey - 7:50am
Thurs Jan 21 - Martin/Middaugh - 11:20am
Thurs Jan 21 - Gushue/Ursel - 2:50pm
Thurs Jan 21 - Ferbey/Ulsrud - 6:20pm
Fri Jan 22 - Koe/Gunnlaugson - 7:50am
Fri Jan 22 - Martin/Ursel - 11:20am
Fri Jan 22 - Burtnyk/Ferbey - 2:50pm
Fri Jan 22 - Howard/Simmons - 6:20pm
Fri Jan 22 - Martin/Gushue - 6:20pm
Sat Jan 23 - Quarter Finals - 12:50pm
Sat Jan 23 - Semi Finals - 4:50pm
Sun Jan 24 - Final - 10:50am
Fri Jan 22 - Martin/Gushue - 6:30pm
Sat Jan 23 - Semi Finals - 5:00pm
Sat Jan 23 - Quarter Finals - 1:00pm
Sun Jan 24 - Final - 11:00am
Y'all know who my favourites are by now, but I'm picking Koe/Howard/Ulsrud for the win. It's getting harder to pick 'em these days! That's like all my favourite teams at one event! For the first time in my entire life I wish I lived in Winnipeg!
There's also the Canadian Junior Finals to watch this weekend (when will I do schoolwork?!) on TSN. They're showing the following games on TSN TV:
Jan. 24, 2010 - 12:30 PM Local (2:30 PM ET) - Women's Final
Jan. 24, 2010 - 5:30 PM Local (7:30 PM ET) - Men's Final