Following the Olympics

I'm a huge Winter Olympics fan, so am super excited for the 2010 version! It seems like enthusiasm is building - after all, there's only 36 days until Vancouver hosts the world!
Unfortunately I can't go to Vancouver, but I've started following a number of blogs and twitter feeds in preparation for the big event. I hope that by following others who are going, it'll feel like I'm there too!
Torch Relay:
@JennHeil (my cousin's niece!)
@cindy_klassen (speedskating)
USA Curlers
@Shustie2010 (John Shuster)
@chrisplys (Chris Plys)
@smittycurler (Jason Smith)
@NicCurl (Nicole Joraanstad)
(It looks like those Canadian curlers need to get on the Twitter bandwagon! My complete curling list - Olympics and otherwise - can be found here)
See also The Excellent Olympic Adventure for more Twitter suggestions.
CTV will televise the games. You can register at their official site and they will send you updates from specific events to either you email or cell phone. Screenshots are here.
Do you have any other blog/twitter/etc suggestions? Please leave me a comment!
It's going to be a fantastic event! I can't wait!


  1. Should have a get together to watch the opening ceremonies? (I don't actually know when they are though...)

  2. Thank you so much for linking to my blog. One of the reasons I started is exactly for what you stated, so people who can't go will feel like they are there.
    I hope you will continue to read. Our adventures start in Vancouver the 2nd week of the Olympics.
    Take care. Look forward to comments from you.


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