Curling On The Big/Small Screen

Last week, the US Men's Olympic curling team taught Colbert how to curl.

This week I finally got to see the video of Chris Plys (of the US Men's Olympic curling team) on a US reality show called Bank of Hollywood. Apparently it's a show people go on to get money from some rich people, and Plys asked for funds so his parents could watch him compete at the Olympics. Awww. I had heard about it from Chris Plys himself on twitter, but a big thanks to NoHo Curling for the posting the clip!

Wow, those US curlers sure are making the publicity rounds.

Nevermind talk shows and reality bits though, Canadian curlers do curling themed tv shows and movies!!

(Jihad on Ice: part 1, 2, 3)

Jennifer Jones appeared on a pilot for a show called Throwing Stones that was so terrible it didn't get picked up and there's no video that I could find.

Curling was also features on Corner Gas (Hurry Hard: part 1, 2, 3, 4), but no pros were there as far as I could tell.

And if you watch Men with Brooms, you should be able to spot:
Jeff Stoughton (doing his trick shot - 1:40)
Craig Saville (I think - 1:18)
Sorry, I wasn't able to embed that clip.

I highly recommend Men with Brooms to all curling fans. It's a classic. And c'mon, it's got Paul Gross in it!!