Cat Sitting The Boys

My wandering/pet sitting ways continue.
I just spent the past week cat sitting, and after putting up with a dog over the Christmas holidays that needed to be let out in the wee hours of the morning, cat sitting was bliss.
I am, afterall, a cat lady.
A colleague asked me to look after their 3 cats while they went someplace warm. The cats were, for the most part, fantastic company.
This is Kato. He's an old, grumpy siamese who wouldn't have anything to do with me.
The other two young cats were Siberian Forest cats. The are gorgeous, with long grey hair that barely sheds (though apparently they molt at certain times in the year). They are very long cats, long tails and long bodies - excellent jumpers! Apparently they can grow to be 25lbs, and are good cats for dog people, because they act a bit like dogs. They are supposed to be hypoallergenic too! I'd want one for sure, but they are quite pricey.
This is Lukas. Mostly he ignored me, but did insist on inspecting my bags and following me around on occasion.
Do you have treats in there?
This is Rudy, the kitten.
Who can resist that face! He was so curious, and constantly followed me around, trying to be part of everything that was going on. How sweet. I wanted to take him home with me!
He was also a bag inspector, and at one point thought my macbook cord was a toy.
The boys were quite funny. One morning over breakfast, I ignored my newspaper in favour of watching a wrestling match. And you wouldn't believe how much fun a piece of piano wire with cardboard on the end could be.
I taught the two boys all about my favourite sport:
Curling? That's a sport? You're kidding right?!
Hmm, this is very interesting. Why do they sweep that moving thingy?
Alright, you were right. Curling is the best sport ever! Can you come over next weekend so we can watch the Scotties?
I'll miss them.


  1. Cute kitties! So nice of them to take an interest in curling. The Siberian Forest cats look a little like my former family cat. She was a Pursian/Russian Blue (we think) cross. I hope Tabitha will behave for you... ...


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