Whister Public Library Will Close And Reopen as Whister Canada Olympic House

Via @Whistler2010com: Whistler Public Library will become Whistler Canada Olympic House for the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics.
"The facility will be transformed into a friendly meeting place for Canadian Olympic athletes, their family, and friends. The facility will also play host to international dignitaries, tourism representatives, media, government partners and other special guests. Guests will have the opportunity to use the facility to watch events, celebrate, hold business meetings, while learning about Whistler and attending a variety of special events."
Most events are by accreditation only, but the community will be invited to meet athletes and participate in winter activities in the library's backyard throughout the games. The library will close on January 30, and reopen on March 8 - just in time for the Paralympic Games. During that time it will continue to be Whistler Canada Paralympic House, but the public will be able to access the library.
I'm a huge winter Olympics fan (Go Martin/Bernard Go!) but shutting down a library from five week (Jan 30. - Mar. 7) seems a bit...extreme.
How will this affect patrons?
"Library services will be unavailable for five weeks during Games time. Cardholders are encouraged to check out unlimited books and audio books from January 25 to 29. All of these items will have a loan period of six weeks, due during the week of March 8 to 12. All movies, CDs and magazines must be returned before January 29."
So no video/music/magazine loans, but unlimited six week book loans. No materials can be returned during that time, as bookdrops will be locked. No interlibrary loans requests will be fulfilled after December 15. Library staff will either be working at the venue during the games or 'redeployed' elsewhere within the municipality. Half of the shelving will be dismantled and stored.
Hmm. Who's idea was this?
I appreciate that the Olympics are a once in a lifetime opportunity, and honestly, if I was a patron or library staff member I would support this closure wholeheartedly. But I'm not sure everyone will see it that way.
What do you think? Do you think the library closure is justified? If you were a patron, would you support it?