2009 Roar Of The Rings: Day 8 = The Final

Big day today. Mens final. Howard vs Martin. Last day of the Roar of the Rings Olympic Curling Trials.
I walked through the security pass entrance for the last time. Bought my 50/50 tickets, grabbed a Morning Roar paper and took my yummy Rexall cheeseburger and a couple M&M Meat Shop chocolate cake thingys for me and my Fort Mac friend to my seat.

That's right. My seat. The best part about the Roar was meeting my Fort Mac friend. The second best thing was sitting in the empty seat next to hers throughout the last half of the competition. Who buys fantastic full event tickets for seats in the 13thr row in the corner on the home end of the ice and doesn't show up for the whole event???

Who cares. My seat was awesome.

Vic Rauter doing the pregame show during Howard's warm up.

The pipers playing in the teams. Good crowd today!

Howard (red) vs. Martin (black) - can you feel the tension?!

Brett Kissel singing the national anthem.

The game was less than awesome. Howard didn't play well and lost. There were some unlucky misses and the game wasn't even close. But I cheered, for both teams, and enjoyed it nonetheless.

Spotting posh sunglasses in the crowd again. It was a good week. *sigh*

Nice shot!

Hurry hard!

Tribute to Jackie Rae (in white), the Lord of the Rings

Martin won, and deservedly so because the whole team played well. Our Edmonton boys are off to the Olympics!!

Media scrum and congrats right after last rock for the win.

They're going to the Olympics!!

Red Olympic sweaters for gold, disappointment for silver, and Stoughton for bronze.

I have enjoyed my week at the Roar immensely, and I'm not ready to say good bye yet, so I'll post a wrap up tomorrow.

How am I supposed to return to real life after a week like this?!