2009 Roar Of The Rings: Day 5 = Zippers

Yesterday at the Roar of the Rings Olympic Curling Trials was fan-freakin-tastic. Today was calmer, but still super fun!

I had my first volunteer shift today. I feel a bit bad because I only have two shifts (totalling 10hrs). Most volunteers have upwards of five shifts (totalling about 25+hrs). To be fair I did have three shifts, but the one after the final was cancelled. I guess it all works out in the end, and I will volunteer for more events, so this was a nice way to break me in to how it all works.

First thing I did today was visit an aunt and uncle for the first two ends of the womens afternoon draw. They had really great seats, and it was nice to visit with familiar faces (plus I got a dinner invitation for next week!). Then I went to the North store to check in for my shift. Another volunteer showed me to the volunteer lounge, which is on the lower level of Rexall (right past the Oilers door!). There was a coat room, and a small lounge where other volunteers where relaxing and snacking on a break.

Complimentary coffee, tea, water, and pop are available, as well as chips, fruit and of course Tim Horton's doughnuts and timbits. I hung up my coat and headed back upstairs to the merchandise store.
It took all of two minutes for me to become oriented to the job during the shift change. I was supposed to ask people if they needed help. I was supposed to tidy up the racks, remove extra hangers, and rehang clothes. And that's what I did for four hours.

I think I must've done up over 100 zippers.

It was fun though. Everyone is super friendly at curling events. I chatted to shoppers ("That colour really suits you," "You definitely should get that one because they're going fast!") and the other volunteers (all lovely retired folk). I also helped the cashiers restock what little merch they got in over the afternoon. The most common question was "Do you have this in a S/M/L/XL etc...?" and the answer was always "No, this is all we've got!". Keep in mind it's already day 5, so a lot of the stock is already gone, and certain sizes in certain items are certainly at a premium.

It seemed that the most popular item for the women were the vests (which we had only a few of) and the Canada Mondetta line (which we only had in XS/S left). T-shirts weren't really selling, nor were mugs or scarves etc, but everyone really liked the jackets and shirts, so stuff was flying off the racks! The rumour was a shipment will arrive overnight, so tomorrow morning would be a great time to check out the Roar stores!

During the 5th end break, and after the ladies draw ended it got pretty busy, but other than that it was quite slow. During the downtime I zipped zips, rehung jackets, chatted to the other volunteers and watched the game on the tvs they had on (with sound, yay!). I did get a little break, scarffed down some fruit and a doughnut, and took a bottle of pop back to the store (a tip from another volunteer, I kept it hidden behind a rack until I got thirsty).

So after 4 hours I was done. The time didn't exactly fly by, and my feet and back were hurtin' from standing on the concrete the whole time, but it was fun nonetheless. I am pretty chatty with strangers, so I had a good time, shared a few laughs, and sold a bunch of stuff.

I went back to the volunteer lounge to grab my coat (and some more fruit!), inhaled a cheeseburger, and then met my Fort Mac friend. Luckily there were a bunch of empty seats beside her, so I hunkered down for the evening mens draw.

And it was a doozy! Koe rolled over Ferbey, eliminating him from the trials (the crowd gave them a standing-O though). The Koe crew then had to tensely wait for the Stoughton-Simmons match to end, and unfortunately it didn't work out in their favour. I'm a big Koe fan and was hoping for a Stoughton-Koe tiebreaker, but it was not to be (Stoughton won). I'm sad the Koe boys are out, but they played great at the trials, and went out with a big win. I'm certain we'll be seeing them at another trials, and as long as they continue playing well I have no doubt one day team Koe will be kings of Canadian curling.

Gunnlaugson (green) vs Middaugh (grey) - Gunner got a standing-O after the game, the crowd really loved the youngins. Middaugh got a big cheer too. Nice guys, the whole lot of them!

Action shot of Nolan Thiessen (white) sweeping like crazy, and Johnny Mo (black) yelling real loud.

Howard (red) and Koe (white) skip in unison, while Martin (black) and Ferbey (blue) watch.

Koe (white) making a shot, while the Howard guys (red take a break). One of the fun things about watching live curling is watching players hang out and interact during the games. Plus I love it when the guys lean on their broom.

Howard (red) and Martin (black, obscured) actually do a bit of sweeping! They were on tonight!

The big game of the night was Howard-Martin, and it was fantastic! They both played so well, and it only took one mistake from team Howard to ensure a Martin win. It was a fun game to watch because my Fort Mac friend is a die hard Martin fan, and I was cheering for Howard, so that kept thinks interesting. Martin is through to the final, and Howard will meet Stoughton in the semi on Saturday.

So day 5 was not as wow as yesterday, but I had a great day, and can't wait for another gooder tomorrow!


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