It's Roar Time!!

It's finally here! Today is the opening day at the Roar of the Rings Olympic Curling Trials!!
I'll be watching all the games, either live in person, live on tv, or from my pvr. I'm not one to post regular game updates, but expect a few curling posts throughout the next week, maybe a few pics from Rexall, and quite a few tweets as well.

I will make some predictions though:

Mens: Howard/Martin - if it's not a Howard/Martin final I shall be a bit disappointed, unless Koe somehow makes it in (Blake will have to be consistent for that to happen though).

Womens: Jones - Scott and Kleibrink might have a shot too, and the field is pretty even so really, it's anyone's game.

Get your tickets, tune in to TSN, and enjoy the Roar!!