If Your Library Was A Person...

One of the libraries I work at is going through a 'rebranding' process. They are amalgamating with another library, and thus need a new name, logo, colour scheme etc.
So in order to get patron's opinions about the library's 'brand', the library hired an external marketing company to do a survey, and then advise them on what changes should be made.
Now, I'm all for surveys, but here are some of the questions:
"If the library was a person, who would it be? Why"
"On a scale of 1-5, how charming is the library?"
"One a scale of 1-5, how outdoorsy is the library?"
Seriously?! If the library was a person? How are you supposed to answer that?
I understand the theory behind the questions - they're just trying to find out what the atmosphere/culture etc of the library is.
I just think some of the questions were irrelevant.
"If my library was a person" - I still don't know how to answer that. How would you answer that?


  1. Strange questions for that design company to ask. Who was the company?

  2. I'm not sure who they were, I'll have to ask next time I'm working.


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