I Wonder As I Wander

I am a nomad.
Until I moved to England, I had always lived with my parents - but since that fateful day in 2003, I have been a proper wanderer.
I was in England from 2003-2007, and in those 4 years I lived in 4 different places.
I moved back home with my parents in 2007. But for the past 2 months, I've been living at 3 different places. Most of my stuff is at my parents. Most of my clothes are at my uncle's where I'm currently housesitting and I'm back to dogsitting Diva over the holidays, so that's where my random necessities are.
It's rather annoying to have 3 homes. To be fair, I'm pretty good at following the "anywhere I roam, where I hang my head is home" mantra, but it's annoying nonetheless. It's doubly annoying to have 2 driveways to shovel, but rather nice to have canine company, even if she still insists on staring at me for no good reason (I am so not a dog person).
Anyways, this whole nomadic experience has made me realize one thing - I really really really want/need a place of my own.
I really feel the desire to keep everything I own in one place and put the suitcases away. I want to use the random bowls I've been hoarding in my parents basement. I want to plant a garden. I want a cat.
This is not nesting. I certainly feel no desire to buy furniture, decorate and get all domestic. I just want to not be spread out all over the city.
The problem is I'm about to face an uncertain and perhaps lengthy period of unemployment after I graduate this spring. I've been saving for a mortgage, but can't move on anything until I have a decent job.
Until then I'll have to make due with sitting houses and dogs - anyone need a catsitter?