Good Natured Curling

Why do I love curling?

Besides the good looking men?

The Edmonton Journal ran a great article, on the front page no less, about the gentlemanliness of curling titled 'No cursing, please; we're curlers'
"The players' good conduct sets the game apart from other major sports, he said. "There's never any bodychecks or fist fights. Nobody ever drops their gloves."
Unwritten rules include:
  • don't swear
  • don't cheer bad shots or trash talk your opponent
  • don't take out your frustrations on other players (brooms maybe, but otherwise there's no violence)
  • don't play mind games
  • do be friendly on and off the ice
I love watching and playing the sport because everyone is so friendly and supportive. Sure people get mad, and yes swearing does occur (on televised games the curlers can be fined $150 - $1000 for swearing on camera), but generally curling is a good natured sport.

And I'm a good natured kinda girl. It's a match made in heaven.

(Gentlemanliness? Is that even a word?)

Comic: In The Bleachers by Steve Moore


  1. Cute comic! Like the new banner. Can't wait for the men's final on Sunday.


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