The Bah Humbug Post

You knew it was coming.
Actually, you're impressed I haven't bombarded you with my usual anti-consumerism, anti-materialism, Christmas-is-about-Jesus post.
Maybe you should stop reading now.
I shall now hijack my own blog in order to vent.
I don't hate Christmas. I do hate what Christmas has become, to both society and my life.
Top 5 reasons why I am a scrooge:
1. Growing up, I loved Christmas. It was the one time of the year my large extended families got together for tummy bursting dinners and good times. Now all the families are too big, and everyone usually does their own thing. The current trend is for families to go away to Vegas or Mexico for Christmas. Whereas in the past, I used to look forward to Christmas because it meant seeing all my aunts, uncles and cousins, now it's rare to see more than a few of them during the holidays.
2. I moved to England for four years. I couldn't afford to fly home every Christmas, so I had orphans Christmas' with friends and other peoples families. It was fine, other peoples families were lovely. They do Christmas different in England though. It is far more humble. People of course still shop and decorate, but the emphasis is more on family, food and fun. Since returning to Canada, I get the overwhelming feeling that the emphasis is BIGGER, BETTER, MORE. And I hate that. I am a simple living person. I am anti-spending-money-on-crap-you-don't-need. I am anti-keeping-up-with-the-neighbours-by-buying-a-bigger-tv. I am anti-decorating-your-house-with-tons-of-trinkety-stuff. I am anti-spending-money-extravagently. I find Christmas time in Canada very overwhelming.
3. Around the time I moved to England, I became a Christian. To me, Christmas is not about buying crap and decorating your house with energy sucking lights. It's about Jesus and Love and Hope and Peace.
I've started a new tradition. For the past couple years during Christmas time, I've donated $100 to a charity in my family's name. I'm not sure my family appreciates the thought, but helping other families enjoy Christmas makes me feel a little better.
So I'm holding onto that, and it'll get me through the next week.
Don't even get me started on New Year's Eve...


  1. Boy am I ever with you on this one! My family is half German/half English and the German side has always kept things going and made it lovely and yummy but now with my grandmother and mother no longer well enough, and the others in the family splintering off into their various girlfriend-led units, I will be spending Christmas with just my immediate family. When I first realized this I had *huge* issues with it, which made me question my attitudes and beliefs. But when I realized that we were actually spending lots of enjoyable time with friends, I came to my senses. Yay for you, for expressing a lot of what I've been feeling. Christmas has to stop being about materialism, social and otherwise.

  2. Thanks! It's a hard time of year for many people for many reasons. As long as we remember what it's really about, then maybe it'll all turn out ok this year. Merry Christmas


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