Music Monday: Jann Arden Concert

That title is a bit misleading. Jann Arden concerts are more like events. Events of hilarity.
I went to the Jann Arden concert last Wednesday. And it was fantastic.
Right. So I tweeted this before I went to the concert:
Blue Plate Diner for dinner, then @jannarden at the Winspear. Quite the line-up for a Wednesday! #yeg
But, after dinner we realized the concert was at the Jubilee Auditorium. Thankfully we made it just in time.
And when I got home and signed into Twitter, this is what I found:
jannarden @lisamchuk the show is at the don't screw that up!!! NOT the Windspear!!!
Jann Arden replied to me on Twitter!! How freakin' awesome is that!!!
Anyways, the concert. The concert was great. She played some new stuff I didn't know, some new stuff I knew, a few covers, and like, all my favourite songs. And she wasn't just singing the radio singles, she was throwing in good ones from old CDs that I love. For the record, my favourite Jann Arden albums are 'Jann Arden' (2005), Blood Red Cherry (2000), and Happy (1997). Plus I'm kinda in love with her cover of At Seventeen.
Back to the concert. Have you ever seen Jann Arden live?? She's freakin' hilarious!!! Early on she said it was ok to take pictures, youtube her, whatever, so some chick in the front row recorded the whole thing and Jann totally played to the camera (and I forgot my camera, boo)! Near the end she showed pictures of the band when they were young, and a bunch of her and her family from back in the day too. Too funny. She brought out Midi, her little dog, too (she talks a lot about Midi on twitter).
She also did a reggae version of "I Will Die For You"...
Full version here.
Plus, she did some impressions of her mom. A Jann Arden concert is not a Jann Arden concert until she does the impression of her mom (at 1:10 below).

During her encore, she did a painting (watch it happen) and it was auctioned off after, proceeds going to World Vision. I saw the whole auction go down, and there were three fierce competitors - it the end it went for $4000! It was really nice too, a total Jann Arden painting if you know what I mean.
So, yeah, it was a great night. I laughed lots. I sang lots. The music was good. The art was good. And Jann Arden replied to me on Twitter.
Doesn't get much better than that for a Wednesday evening.
You can find Jann Arden at:
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  1. That sounds like a super cool/fun concert. It's great when musicians also have a good stage presence :)


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