Music Monday: Blue Rodeo

I'm sneaking in a Music Monday post, by cross-posting a short article I wrote for NXEW:
The new Blue Rodeo double CD The Things We Left Behind comes out on Tuesday, November 10.
Jason Schneider, of Heartbreak Trail, recently posted an excellent interview with Greg Keelor. I highly recommend the interview - it's a timeline of fantastic gems of knowledge surrounding many of their previous releases.
An interview with Jim Cuddy will follow next week, and look for a Blue Rodeo retrospective piece in the December issue of Exclaim! magazine.
Blue Rodeo will be going on a Cross-Canada tour in 2010 for the new album - check out their tour page for an extensive list of where they'll be. You've been forewarned, many of the presales are already sold out!
Check out another post I wrote about Blue Rodeo here.
You can find Blue Rodeo at:
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