Music Monday: Avi Vaknin

Music a bit different today.
Last year, I wrote about a web-documentary that I was watching - Gaza Sderot: Life In Spite of Everything. It documented the lives of average Israeli and Palestinian people in the Israeli/Palestinian border towns of Gaza and Sderot.
One of the people followed was an Israeli musician called Avi Vaknin, and I fell in love with his music, even though I couldn't understand a word of it (it is all in Hebrew).
I listen to his myspace music a lot. He recently release a CD, but I can't figure out how to get ahold of it. It's called "Square of the Lost" or "Kikar Ha'avodim":
"The lyrics and music are infused with a strong sense of place – the influence of a small suffering town in the Israel’s South can be heard and felt."
Even though I don't understand, I can still hear and feel where he's coming from. The title track is my favourite song. You can listen to it on myspace.
Here are a few other songs he's released, 'Million' and 'En Makom':
You can find Avi Vaknin on myspace, facebook, and on his official page (Hebrew and English translation).
I've always loved music sung in different languages. I'm a HUGE fan of traditional Quebecois french bands, and I own CDs by Gaelic, Indian and Ukrainian musicians. Though I can't understand it, I love the musicality and 'sound' of other languages. Perhaps I'll feature other non-English musicians in future music monday posts.