Dogsitting Diva

I have a new hobby: sitting stuff. Cats, dogs, houses, whatever.
I'm a decently experienced and fairly proficient cat sitter. I like cats. I know how to care for them. I know how to talk to them. I know how to pet them.
I am, after all, a cat lady.
I don't like dogs. I don't know how to care for them. I don't know how to talk to them. I don't know how to pet them.
Well, currently I am dog/house sitting. The only dog I really know is my friends' dog Jasper, and he melts my heart and I love him. This is my first time dog sitting for more than an evening however. And the learning curve has been steep.
Here she is:
Her name is Diva.
First, I'm getting used to staying at a new house. New sounds, new bed, new tv channel numbering. I think the worst part about house sitting is figuring out which light switches turn on which lights. Coincidently, I'm currently house sitting for my aunt and uncle too (only 2mins away from chez Diva though), so if it snows this weekend I'll have two driveways to shovel. Not cool.
And then there is getting used to having a dog around. She's quite old so doesn't do much but lay around. Her vision is not so good so we get to sleep with the hall light on.
But sometimes Diva just stares at me.
What do I do then? It's quite unnerving.
And she gets up at like 5 or 6am to be let out. Who gets up at 5am?! Not me, I'm a double digit-am girl.
And I can't be gone for more than 7hrs, otherwise I'll have accidents to clean up. Also not cool.
And did I mention she stares at me sometimes?
Feeding I can handle. I also quite enjoying taking Diva for a walk. When you say the 'w' word, she prances and jumps around like a horse, and even makes horsey noises. Actually, it's kinda cute. Plus I like walking and there's a lake here so it's pretty. That's the only reason I would ever get a dog - to have an excuse to go for a walk.
So it's been...interesting. This is a mini trial run for the Christmas holidays, when it's just me and Diva for two weeks.
Getting up at 5am.
Gosh, I can't wait.
At least there's a lake here so going for a walk is pretty. And good exercise. And kinda fun.
Ok, so I'm loving dog walking.
If she would just stop staring at me...


  1. Yes, the not being able to be away for long is a bit of a problem (and the having to get up stupid-early)--that's part of the reason why there can be so tense at my parent's place over Christmas. My brother and sister-in-law have to bring their dog (he has accidents even when people are around) when they come to my parents place. To top things off my other brother hates their dog and Tabitha terrorizes it. It can be exciting times, but definitely not fun times.

    Good luck with the staring. That IS creepy.


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