Weekend Curling Wrap Up

(photo credit Anil Mungal, Capital One)
This past weekend was the Capital One Grand Slam World Cup. In the end Howard beat Koe (above, I think it's pronounced coo-e as opposed to co-e). Though Howard is my favourite team, I do feel bad for Koe (my second favourite team) - they've lost this same event to Howard a few time before. Quoted above, Colleen Jones (another top curler) thinks "Koe and his team are too good not to break through any day now. Just not on this day." I wholeheartedly agree; I think one day Koe & co. will be kings of Canadian curling. Not yet though. It was a good game, full of great shot making (and missing) regardless.
And yay for CBCsports.ca, they've archived full game videos of the event for your re-watching pleasure here. CurlTV.com helped with the filming of the non-televised games, so yay CurlTv too!
Speaking of CurlTV, I only just realized a guy who plays in our league is the host of the (almost) daily curling news update show. Of course I realized this after I cracked a few too many jokes and generally made a miserable fool of myself on the ice on Sunday, so I guess next week I'll have to say 'hi' and make a proper fool of myself.
Yeah. It was a nice weekend. I'm glad curling is back. It's gonna be a gooder of a season!