Reflections From A Motorist

Last month was plagued by car trauma, and yesterday seemed to continue the trend (although this time nothing got hit!).
Today I was driving home from work, going north on 97st. The stretch of road from 118ave to 127ave has a contraflow lane (counterflow, reversible lane). This is a 7 lane road. First off, this stretch of road is hard to drive down, particularly at night, because there are so many red/green street lights and arrow. Today however, I happened to be driving in the contraflow lane right as it switched directions!! The green arrow became a flashing red X which then became a solid red X. I got out of the lane, but others didn't. Thus when we came to the single turning lane on 127ave, it became a double turning lane and it's amazing there was no car accident. I appreciate why we have contraflow lanes, but motorists need to pay attention to the lights!!
I was still shaken up from this experience when I saw the world's ugliest car. Yes folks, the PT Cruiser has been replaced by the Nissan Cube...
Lessons learned:
- Don't drive on 97 st. at 6:30 pm.
- Don't buy a Nissan Cube.
Class dismissed.